Sunday, February 9, 2014

GreyhoundAngels Pack Walk -PUPPIEZZZZ!

Yesterday I met the youngest Greyhound pup yet, little 3 month old blue girl, April. She broke her leg so instead of trying to race her, her owners decided to find her a nice home. She was a little bit taken aback by all the big dogs.... for about five minutes, then she was right in there amongst it.

For scale, Mouse is now the same size as 6 month old puppy Indi (that is her, the black with white on her face, bouncing around in the video).

We organised to meet at a nice spot by the river, which meant a nice ride for Mouse in her Greyhound-Chariot. It was 20 kilometres round trip which is the furtherest I have ever towed her, and my legs were a bit stiff this morning but it wasn't too bad.

Anyway, here is the video!

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