Thursday, December 26, 2013

First rides in the DoggyRide Novel 10 Trailer

I mentioned in my last post that Bender and Mouse were the frontrunners in the game of 'who will ride in the trailer first'. Today we took them both out for a short 10 minute ride to a local park (about 3 kilometre round trip).

Mouse didn't want to get into the trailer in the driveway. She kept trying to get in the car. We decided that we just needed to take the plunge and shove her in.

get in you little minx!
She lied down and made herself comfortable. She seemed to do pretty well, on the way to the park she spent her whole trip lying down and just sticking her nose up through the 'sunroof'. On the way home she sat up and enjoyed the view a bit more. As she is small she is quite easy to tow.

Bender jumped right in to the trailer and spent all of his time with his head out the top enjoying the wind flapping his ears about. Bender's anxiety around keeping his pack together came through a couple of times when Nic stopped or went too far in front - he cried and was restless if she wasn't right near him.

I think if I took him out by myself he would be fine. I plan on taking him down to the local park by myself maybe a couple of times a week. It is a park that is generally not very busy so we can avoid the ball throwers and keep Bender from hurting himself and ending up a cripple.

I will be working up the distances with both of them so that I can bring them along to the local cafe strip, the river, and the fully fenced off leash park which is about 6km away.


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