Saturday, October 26, 2013

House Mouse becomes City Mouse

This morning we went into the city to check out the simulcast of TEDxPerth at the Northbridge Piazza. The Piazza is a great public space that supplies umbrellas and vinyl bean bags for anyone to just come along and chill out. They often screen movies in the evening on weekends as well. 

We decided to take Mouse as part of our continued work on her socialisation. Mouse can be a bit reactive when she hears dogs barking, but we figured that there wouldn't be much barking in the city. We were right. Mouse met a few little dogs and was really well behaved. It didn't take her too long to find a comfy spot between our bean bags. 

I hope that big bird behind me won't come and eat me!
The talks were good, in particular I liked the lady who was talking about creating a sense of community on her street in Fremantle. There was also a presentation about wetsuits which are a visual shark repellent, and changing the model of cancer care in our hospitals to include more complementary treatments. Yes, TEDx talks can be pretty random.

yes, I am a good girl!

It was a pleasure to have Mouse there with us. So many people smiled at her as they walked past. A few people came up for a pat too.

this patch of sand looks comfy
She got a bit hot in the sun, and was eyeing off a patch of soft sand. Turns out the sand was really cool, Mouse ain't silly. We did have to stop her from turning over the dirt to get to the cooler stuff though - pretty sure a dog digging in a city park is not particularly welcome!

Hopefully this nice mellow outing will prepare her for tomorrow, the big Dog's Day Out up in Kingsley. She will be meeting and greeting the public and convincing people to adopt. I just hope all the people and dogs aren't too much for her.
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