Monday, October 28, 2013

City of Wanneroo - Dog's Breakfast

In my last entry I mentioned that we took Mouse to the TEDx talk simulcast at the Northbridge Piazza to prepare her for this Dog's Breakfast event up in Wanneroo. 

There were so many dogs there, big and small. This Great Dane was one of the biggest of course. Mouse did great. We were next to the Husky tent - they were trying to get people into dryland dogsledding and the dogs were very excited to be out and about so they howled and yipped and barked, as Huskies tend to do. Mouse was calm throughout it all.

Mouse even went through the indignity of a hydrobath before she got to greet her adoring public. She was so sparkling and white after her wash I had to wear my sunglasses the whole time because of the glare.

Barbie spent a lot of time chilling out, though she did do some meeting and greeting. She seemed to really enjoy the company of the dogs she has seen at the last couple of events, like Sabre and Annie. She also really liked Rudge, who she met for the first time today. 

We had a lot of doggie visitors, like this adorable little Husky pup. Annie made friends with some whippets - as she is in foster care with a couple I think she seeks them out now. 

Mouse had a lot of people pointing her out but after a while it was all too much. She tucked herself under N's legs and made herself small. I think she had enough attention for the day. 

I couldn't have been more impressed with her. She wasn't completely calm and didn't eat the yummy biscuit that she was given, but she didn't react to any dogs and was very friendly with all the greyhounds. 

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