Friday, November 25, 2011

Busy time of year gets busier

Poor Bender is in the wars again - he has an ear infection, so he has to put up with us squirting antibiotics in his ear twice a day til Wednesday. The vet says he has a peforated ear drum and it's been like that for a while. There was nothing in there though - I thought it was a grass seed when he started shaking his head. Anyway he is going to be susceptible to ear infections now - we have to keep an eye on it.

His anti-anxiety meds are not making him sleepy any more and they seem to have a calming effect on him, his on-leash reactivity seems to be getting better - though he is still pretty sensitive to loud banging sounds. He does seem to recover better from a freak-out though, so it must be making some difference.

Barbie is feeling the heat - we are going to buy a fan on Saturday so that we can direct it at her crate at night. I don't need the ceiling fans swooshing around at top speed but Barbie needs some extra cooling. She kept me awake with her panting last night!

With the change in the weather everyone is shedding like crazy and the house is full of drifts of hair. Barbie is shedding heavily because she had that mad-thick winter coat after her winter in the kennels when we were away in Europe. Bald thighs, belly and neck will be making a comeback for summer! Froufrou has a pretty thick coat as well and that comes off whenever you pat her. Mittens, who is long haired, but has a finer coat than Frou, doesn't seem to be losing much fur at all - but she does groom more than Frou, so maybe there are some kitty hair-balls in our future :P
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