Monday, April 27, 2015

Ben & Jerry's Outdoor Cinema - Date Night with the Mouser

We took Mouse to Ben & Jerry's Outdoor cinema a year ago to watch 'the Wolf of Wall Street'. We went on a weeknight which was a little bit difficult to coordinate as I went straight from work and Nic had to bring the dog in to town. This time we picked the cute animated feature 'Home' and went on a Sunday so things would be less rushed.

The other advantage of Sunday is that you get free ice cream! There were two flavours on offer and I think my favourite was the 'fish food' - the other was a salted caramel type flavour and I found it a bit bland after the chocolate overload of fish food.

Mouse seemed pretty happy when we got there as people were interested and said hello but weren't too full on in their interactions of affections.

There was one other dog there that we saw, and it was a small Chihuahua type. The people sitting in front of us started patting Mouse and since she is super soft at the moment because I bathed her with very expensive shampoo, they couldn't stop. We got quizzed about greyhounds. They seemed like the kind of family who would really suit a greyhound, with three girls who seemed very gentle and lovely. 

Mouse settled in pretty much straight away, and wasn't annoying at all around the food. It was a huge improvement from last year and just goes to show how far she has come. She has become a very well mannered and socially acceptable dog. She was a little bit wary of all the kids running around, most of them running through very close to where we were lying. There were no kids at the Wolf of Wall Street, and these kids were all hopped-up on free ice cream. Once Mouse realised she wasn't going to be trampled upon she looked less alarmed as the kids ran past, or jumped over us!

We had her in her Muttrugs oilskin coat and that kept her nice and toasty. She also snuggled up against us for the whole movie.

Next time we need to remember to bring pillows. Everyone else seemed to have pillows and sleeping bags and they seemed very nice and cosy. Of course they missed out not having a nice warm dog to snuggle with.

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