Monday, September 29, 2014

The Princess Pawdicure

Many years ago I bought some dog nail polish from the RSPCA online store. I tried it on Barbie, but she really freaked out as soon as I opened the bottle. It's a quick dry formula and it smells worse than any human nail polish I have used!

For some reason I decided that I would try to paint Mouse's nails. Not only are her nails a pretty white, but she is so tolerant she lets me get away with just about anything.

The first time I did it, I only did the front two paws. She obviously didn't like the smell but she stood nicely for me and let me put it on. She then went and rubbed her face on the couch as if that would get rid of it.

I did a training session with some yummy treats to distract her and she was fine when it had fully dried. Of course she posed nicely for a few photos.

The second time I did it was because a friend of mine who is moving away gave me all her nail polish. I did mine blue and Mouser's again with the pink nail polish. She didn't seem as bothered by the smell the second time, so I did all four paws. It was a great hit at daycare the next day!

The nail polish doesn't last forever, but it's pretty good considering! Mouse has more nail polish on her nails now than I do left on mine and she runs around on hers!
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