Friday, January 4, 2013

Boxed Mittens

Mittens has never lost her kitten like obsession with boxes. Recently I got a full bike sized box which contained a frame I had shipped from the USA. Mittens had been curious about the box but I didn't think she would be able to jump high enough to get into it.

Well I guess I was wrong. She must be a brave kitty to jump into a box without being able to see what is inside. I wondered how she would get out so I waited with the camera ready. She spent at least 10 minutes just sitting in the box. I think Frou prowling around on the other side of the cardboard was disturbing her though.

Like the action shot?

She leapt for the opening, held on to the edge and kind of scrambled out. I think I will find her in the box in future, until I get rid of it anyway. It is a pity she doesn't like her 'carry box' so much that we use to take her to the vet! ;)
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