Sunday, December 2, 2012

Petrescue and Jetpets - bring dogs to the city!

I am a bit spoiled because we have a Guide Dog in our office. He works for my offsider at work and spends most of the day asleep under her desk, but we are allowed to play with him every now and then. Today I played tug with him, and his toy broke. He was happy because now he had TWO toys!

Anyway, the city isn't that dog friendly and I don't often see dogs that aren't working in town. I think it's because dogs aren't allowed at inner city apartment buildings, or on public transport. It's a hassle to drive into the city, so people don't bring their dogs to the Central Business District for a stroll.

I think that's what made today so interesting, and hopefully successful. My favorite website if you want to get a new pet, Pet Rescue, brought together two of my favorite rescue organisations, Staffy and Bully Breed Rescue (SABBR) & Greyhounds as Pets (GAP). I ran into Sharon, Barbie's foster carer, and also one of my old footy mates who is quite involved with SABBR. It turned into quite a social lunch break.

I also met the mascot for Jet Pets (the famous Sahara), and she is beautiful. I would love a dog just like her, she reminded me a little bit of Lucy, though she knew a lot more tricks!

There was a bit of buzz on Facebook afterwards and I hope that some of the SABBR dogs find new homes, there was certainly a lot of interest in them.

I really enjoyed my lunch break today, I hope that it happens again because I love seeing dogs in the city!

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