Sunday, June 10, 2012

The aftermath of a great day...

The weather was pretty bad today. A lot of people had their fences blow over, or roof tiles blow off their houses. We went shopping, and as we headed home, we saw that one of our local sporting fields was now covered with pieces of tree which had snapped off in the ferocious gale.

The dogs were a bit indignant that we went out without them, so we decided to take them out to Whiteman Park for a run.

They paid very little mind to the weather, and while Barbie spent a little bit of time under the only shelter in the park with us, she still went on a few big high-speed laps around the park. When we got home she went straight to bed before I could even get her collar and lead off!

Bender, as usual, has some missing skin after an hour long session of fetching his ball. We think that when he skids along the grass he loses skin and paw pad in the process. He thinks it is worth it. 

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