Thursday, May 31, 2012

Eurovision Party - Entertaining with dogs

I am not sure that my American followers will have even heard of it, but the Eurovision Song Contest is a perfect occasion for a party. Basically a bunch of European countries compete against each other in a musical and choreography extravaganza which is well known for it's tacky outfits and daggy pop songs. 

We invited a bunch of people over for the party and we had to be a little creative with seating, as not everyone would fit on the couch. I cut a piece of carpet from the offcut rolls we had after redoing the lounge room and put it on top of an esky as a seat. It goes without saying there was no room for our spoiled pooches. 

Good thing Barbie has a nice bed! Bender was a bit like a one dog tornado as people arrived, so we kept him out the back until everyone was safely in the house. Barbie politely greeted the first few people and then just went to her bed - there's no point wasting too much energy!

We all hung around the kitchen for a while, eating chips, dips and salami and ham. Bender was very interested in what was on the bench.

Even pats from one of his favorite friends didn't distract him much. He was good though, he didn't do anything apart from stare. Not even much drooling. A Eurovision party usually involves dressing up in silly outfits, and there were some very impressive ones.

Bender cosied up with a lot of people feet. He started with my feet and then moved on to other people's. Notice all the pizza on the coffee table, and neither dog even looked at it!

Even Froufrou came out to investigate. All the people and all the laughing scared her a little, but she knew there was attention to be had. She overcame her fears to be patted by almost all of the party guests. 

I was very proud of the puppies by the end of the night. They were so well behaved and accepted attention calmly. We don't usually have a lot of people around at once so I wasn't sure how they would go. They were exhausted the next day though. Entertaining can be so very tiring for dogs. 

Froufrou has gotten so brave now. There was a time when she would hide under the couch if someone came over. 

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