Saturday, August 13, 2011

In the Netherlands, even the cats ride bikes!

During our visit to Utrecht, NL, we went to a 'clocks and music' museum. It would have been a really horrifying place for both my dogs with it's massive street organs - they are loud because the louder they are, the more people you can attract, and the more money you can make. I had never seen nor heard of street organs before but they are pretty awesome things.

This one was my favourite, mainly because it was still on wheels and the Perlee family, despite selling it to the museum, still came to borrow it every now and again and use it the way it was intended. It struck me as a bit cheeky - like could I sell you my car but then come back to use it whenever I want?

We spent a few hours in the museum, and when we got outside, we spotted this gentleman, perched atop one of the many bicycles that line the streets.

He posed for the camera, while I admired his poise and balance. He even managed to do it with a bucket on his head! My cats could barely get around with buckets on their heads, let alone jump onto a tiny bike seat and balance there while watching the world go by!
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